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share your eating habits, get someFood you love

What are your favorite foods? What are you dangerously allergic to? How about your friends and family? Now there's an easy way to share eating habits.


    • Supported Platforms by Spring 2023

    • iPhone, iPad (and M1 Macs)
    • Android (and Windows 11)


    • Great Features will include...

    • Express your unique eating style with 6 ratings from "Best Food Ever!" to "Life Threatening!"
    • Set your preferred levels of salt, spiciness, and flavor
    • Enter your eating habits in about 5 minutes with preset diet types
    • When your diet changes, everyone you've shared it with knows
    • Easily share a text file of your favorite foods and deadly allergies with anybody
    • View just one person's data or the merged data for up to 10 people